Burgundy Morgan

Burgundy Morgan

Burgundy was born in New Jersey and spent her formative years in New York City working with various recording artists. She started writing lyrics at the age of 13. At the age of 16, she traveled to and lived in South America where she studied Fine Art. While there, she was approached and asked to sing lead vocals for a series of concerts benefiting earthquake victims. Her first stage performance was in South America at the age of 16, singing to a sold out 10,000 seat coliseum. A world-traveler, she also studied music and arts in France and England, where she interviewed several major rock bands for a U.S-based open format radio station during the bands' respective European tours.

While in the United States, Burgundy studied classical guitar under the tutelage of the legendary Michael Newman, of the Newman-Oltman guitar duo. She received two college degrees in music -- one in classical guitar, and the other in applied jazz piano.

Burgundy attended Pepperdine Law School in a transparent attempt to fund her music and skiing addictions. While studying International Entertainment Law at Pepperdine's London campus, Burgundy met her best friend Chris Cargill. The two immediately began writing songs and performing together, with their debut performance in Amsterdam, Holland inspiring their song, "Sunday".

Lately she has begun work with Robert Nathan on a comprehensive guide to music industry legal issues called ... but where do I sign?, of which the first two volumes are now available.

Self-taught on bass guitar (influenced by Stu Hamm and Steve Bailey), Burgundy joined forces with Riddle the Sphinx as its bass player and acoustic guitarist in 2002. Following a serious car accident in 2003, and never one to miss a glib moment, you can occasionally find Burgundy wearing a helmet on stage, proclaiming: "I AM the crash test dummy."

Burgundy enjoys waterfalls, wide open spaces and chew toys.


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