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Dr. Abri DDS

Welcome to Professional Musicians Local 47

MyRecord Deal - an app that calculates the profits and losses
generated by virtually any US record or publishing deal

The Actors Fund - for everyone in entertainment

Alliance for Women in Media scholarship program

RMALA - Recording Musicians Association, Los Angeles Chapter

Sounds and Scores: A Practical Guide to Professional Orchestration by Henry Mancini

Casting by Lila Selik, Casting Director, Actor Training Coach

Billy Damota

Lynne Quirion Casting

Free Shoutcast App Allows Easy Listening to KPFK and Pacifica on iDevices

Barry Rudolph Engineering/Production Services

Samm exclusively maintains his studio Macs with Don Levy at the Mactherapist.
Mention 'Samm Brown's FOR THE RECORD' for a show discount.
Click here: MacTherapist (323) 225-2228 | Mac Support Los Angeles
& Surrounding Counties | Mac Repair Los Angeles | Mac Service

CGN - Mac & PC Store, Apple & PC Repair Service & Sales in Los Angeles

Music Publishing: The Roadmap to Royalties by Ron Sobel and Dick Weissman

The Winogradsky Company - provides music business affairs and legal support
for composers, songwriters, music publishers, and recording artists

On funding for indie films, see Welcome to Movie Money and Kickstarter

Check out the links of former For The Record personality
Stacey Powells, now of Mammoth Lakes:
KMMT/KRHV Radio   Exhausted Parent Network    Community Corner

Producers have a union, as do makeup artists, costume designers, special
effects workers, craft service personnel and the folks who flip burgers in the
studio commissary. Film composers and lyricists may soon have the AMCL

"All You Need To Know About the Music Business: 7th Edition" by Don Passman -
the biggest selling book on the music business, extensively revised

Shortcuts to Hit Songwriting: 126 Proven Techniques for Writing Songs That Sell
by songwriter Robin Frederick, see also her Notes On Songwriting article

"The Craft and Business of Songwriting" by John Braheny.
His website contains lots of articles, and check out
his classes at the Songwriting School Of Los Angeles too

More songwriting tips at Cat Cohen's site and at The Essential Guide to Songwriting

California Lawyers for the Arts - lawyer referrals, dispute resolution, etc.

Interview Tactics: How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered!
The Insider's Guide To Giving A Killer Interview!

by Gayl Murphy

Composer Charles Bernstein

Composer Shawn Clements

... but where do I sign? , a comprehensive guide to music industry legal issues,
by Burgundy Morgan and Robert Nathan

Harry Fox Agency, the foremost mechanical licensing, collection,
and distribution agency for music publishers in the U. S.

Stagecoach Mary

"M@il for Mikey " - Orson Bean's account of how he became a Christian


"Music Publishing: The Roadmap to Royalties" by Ron Sobel and Dick Weissman

"Succeeding in Music: A Business Handbook for Performers, Songwriters,
Agents, Managers, and Promoters"

by John Stiernberg - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor,
Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges etc.

Tim Sweeney and Associates - "The only true artist development company in the world."

Samm recommends these books for musicians or anybody else:
Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, and
Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers
from Everybody Else
by Geoff Colvin

Techbreakfast: A forum by music professionals for music professionals

Barry Rudolph Engineering/Production Services

A Bill of Rights for Songwriters and Composers

Clive Davis urges singers to stop their songwriting

"Million Dollar Mistakes: Steering Your Music Career Clear of Lies, Cons,
Catastrophes,and Landmines"
and "Secrets of Negotiating a Record Contract:
The Musician's Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Sneaky Lawyer Tricks"

both by Moses Avalon - check out his great website
and his Confessions of a Record Producer Workshop

The Composer's Corner is a video-based website that offers interviews,
advice, and tips about performing, recording and the business
aspects of the music industry plus a music industry dictionary

"Scoring for Films" by Earle Hagen, composer of the themes for the Andy Griffith
Show, the Dick van Dyke Show, and many others

Site of Nancy De Los Santos, writer, producer, director, and documentarian

"Ebony and Ivory: The Door Only Swings One Way" by Samm Brown

"Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought" by
Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell. She says to get the book
at, no sense paying full price

Site of Chris Valenti, creator of The Battle Of The Romantically Dysfunctional
, 800 CDs: The Movie and more

"This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession" by Daniel J. Levitin

"Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany" - a former
editor of Ebony magazine chronicles his life under the Third Reich

"The Hollywood Rules" - teaches you what's expected of you in Hollywood,
and how to behave accordingly

The Society of Composers & Lyricists - committed to advancing
the interests of the film and television music community

"High Rise Low Down" by Eunice (Mrs. Hal) David and others - an account
of the billionaires and movie stars and the white-gloved,
million dollar penthouse apartments they inhabit

Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

"I Don't Need A Record Deal!: Your Survival Guide For The Indie Music Revolution"
by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

"Ruthless: A Memoir" by Jerry Heller, "the White Godfather of Hip-Hop" - a highly recommended chronicle of the music business and some of its perosnalities

Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund - for musicians who like to get paid

Hollywood Black Film Festival - Annual film
festival showcasing the works of Black filmmakers

"How NOT to Destroy Your Career in Music: Avoiding the Common
Mistakes Most Musicians Make"
by Bruce Haring

At This Time is the latest, Grammy-winning CD of legendary Burt Bacharach,
who at age 78 has for the first time written both words and music
for a CD, and some of these songs are protest songs to boot

The California Alliance for Arts Education - promoting visual
and performing arts education for preschool through
post-secondary students in California schools

Click here: This is Brian Copeland!

The Music Business Registry - Samm considers their A&R Registry product
the most reliable and up-to-date guide to A&R industry contacts available

Jazz Intermediate Keyboard by Noah Baerman -
Good book on jazz harmony

All Access Music Group - Industry tools, music tools, career tools, columns etc. Recommended by Don Passman

"Stiffed: A True Story of MCA, the Music Business, and the Mafia"
by William Knoedelseder

"Confessions of a Record Producer: How to Survive
the Scams and Shams of the Music Business"
by Moses Avalon

"The Musician's Handbook: A Practical Guide to Understanding
the Music Business"
by Bobby Borg

"All You Need to Know About the Music
by Donald S. Passman

"17 Points To Longevity In Show Business"
by Stephanie Spruill

The Rock and Roll Report - lots of current info
on popular music for musicians and fans

Pulse Now - good site for unsigned musicians
to get some exposure for their music

Tune Data - lists music requests for feature films,
television projects, commercials etc. For publishers, record labels,
managers, agents, music supervisors, producers, and directors only.

Pam Oland's Site

Songwriter's Co-op

MusicDish, Industry e-Journal

Lamont Dozier: Main Website   Songwriter 101


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