KPFK 90.7 FM is a 24-hour listener sponsored, public radio station and is part of the Pacifica Foundation radio network. The Pacifica Foundation, headquatered in Berkley California, is a network of public radio stations across the country, including the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Washington DC.

Licensed to broadcast at 112,000 watts, KPFK is the second most powerful signal in Southern California, and the most powerful public radio station west of the Rockies. The KPFK broadcast signal is heard from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border, and as far west as the San Bernardino Mountains.

Public radio station KPFK has pioneered many innovative concepts, is at the forefront of local, national and international news, and has produced some of the most creative arts and cultural programming in the country. Eighty percent of the station's budget is generated based on listener support. KPFK is committed to the power of free speech, and has been honored with every major radio broadcasting award.

The United States Pacifica Network's principal focus is on promoting peace in the world through greater sharing of information and cultures. As such, Pacifica wishes to function not only as an alternative to commercial radio, but as the leader in courageous and caring broadcasting.


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