Michael Jackson

Samm: "The followng is an article I was asked to write about any event I remembered about the almost four years I worked as a producer, songwriter and TV series/tour Musical Director for Michael Jackson and the Jacksons. There were many, but this one came immediately to mind."


The knock at my hotel room door was barely audible, but it was insistent. I remember opening my eyes and thinking, “Who the hell is knocking at my door, waking me up?” I looked at the hotel radio-clock on the nightstand and it read, 8:00 AM, Caracas, Venezuelan time, exactly. Another knock again. Actually, it was more like a soft tap-tap-tap.

I got up thinking it must be room service, or perhaps maid service had made a mistake on a room number. I threw on some clothes, went to the door and said, in a gruff and irritated voice, “Who is it!!??” A soft voice came back, “Samm it’s me, Mike, open the door.” I opened the door and there was Michael Jackson, with his hat and coat on.

“Sorry to wake you up. Wanna go to the amusement park with me?”


“Yeah, now. I can’t find anyone who’ll go with me, except Bill Bray.”

Bill Bray was Michael’s personal bodyguard and head of his security team.

Of course I went with them that morning so many years ago, and I can tell you now that if there is an amusement park in heaven, you can be sure that Michael Joseph Jackson, one of earth’s better angels, is on it.

Click on the right-arrow below to hear an abbreviated version of One Day In Your Life, Michael Jackson's 1st number #1 record in the UK, produced and co-written by Samm Brown III w/ Renee Armand.


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