The Songwriters Showcase &
Artist Spotlight

One of our most popular features, and one of the first of its kind on the airwaves, is our Songwriters Showcase & Artist Spotlight. This features musical creations by rising artists to be played on the air and maybe critiqued by music industry professionals. We invite listeners to send in their own creations on CD for inclusion in one of these shows. The lyrics must pass FCC muster and meet KPFK protocol and broadcast standards. Send your CD to the address below. Please include 2 lyric sheets, do not send us your only copy, do include contact info and a brief bio, and do take off the shrink wrap first.

KPFK Radio, 90.7 fm
11054 Ventura Blvd. #131
Studio City, CA. 91604
Attn: Songwriters Showcase & Artist Spotlight

We give each song one spin per show. In addition, whichever song played in a particular show receives the greatest listener response will be replayed in the next Songwriters Showcase & Artist Spotlight. So send Samm an e-mail with "Request Song" in the subject line telling which song played that day you liked the best.

Home Studio Recording
with David Banta

Daviud Banta

David Banta keeps us up-to-date on the latest in home studio recording and technology. David is a multi-platinum recording producer/engineer who has produced/engineered both Grammy and Emmy winning projects along with several top-10 singles including: Michael Jackson, Sting, Tupac, Luther Vandross, Tina Turner, Bone Thugs in Harmony.

As well as engineering he created and produced a video series entitled “The Basics of Home Recording” which went to several thousand stores and has been a standard in the industry for more than 10 years. Volume 4 “The Complete Guide to Mixing” is used in many recording schools in the U.S. as part of their mixing curriculum. He taught a course based on the video series at UCLA Extension in Hollywood called “The Complete Guide to Home Recording’” for over 10 consecutive years. David also taught Cubase/Nuendo, Reason, and mixing at "The Musician's Institute" in Hollywood for one year. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from “The King’s College” New York, NY.

David is also an accomplished Composer/Producer. His credits include composing/producing and recording Fox’s “Nascar Highlights Theme” and he is currently writing and producing for Fox on an ongoing basis. He also produced music for the WB’s “Jack and Jill”, and MTV’s “Undressed”.

Dave recommends:
Free file transfer, 2 GB limit; and you can zip files up first to save space at

Dave recommends the following links for free software:
Lists of free software and links at
Audacity for mac and pc
Ardour fully fuctional and free (no midi); for Mac and Linux (support for windows plug ins)
Wavosaur - 1 track only, nice wave editor; PC only
WavePad Sound Editor Professional Audio Editing Software - This sound editing
software is a full featured professional audio editor for Windows or Mac
Izotope Vinyl makes your tracks sound like an old record
Quartz audio master - Windows only; free demo; has 4 audio, 16 midi
Krystal audio (probably the best free audio software); 16 audio tracks, no midi
SIR 1 free reverb
Tap Tempo calculator
CamelPhatFree is a completely free, fully-functional distortion and compressor effect
Dave Brown's free vst plugins - for PC. Includes:
Compressor - Straightforward mono compressor.
Tempo Delay - Tempo based stereo delay.
Sweepdelay - Tempo based delay with autopan feature.
Tremolo - Can be used to create autopanning and classic tremolo effects.
Recording software
Top 300 software for PC
Office software for PC
AVG free anti virus software
Music (Mp3, wave etc) converter

Dave recommends the following commercial links:
Mastering Audio: The art and the science
Online Computer and Software Training
Modern Recording Techniques
The Mixing Engineer's Handbook
Berklee School of Music Online Courses


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