Earle Hagen

The great film/TV composer Earle Hagen died May 26th, 2008. If you did not know who Earle Hagen was, you most certainly knew his music. Earle was the Emmy Award-winning composer of some of the most memorable, singable and whistleable musical themes in the history of television, including themes for "The Andy Griffith Show," "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "The Danny Thomas Show," "I Spy," "That Girl," "The Mod Squad," "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer," and so many more. In fact he composed original music for more than 3,000 individual episodes of television during his career, which spanned more than three decades.

We have three of Hagen's musical compositions and one 52-minute interview available for listeners: choose either the Dick van Dyke theme, the I Spy theme, the Gomer Pyle theme, or the interview.


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